Client Profiles


Picking the right partner is crucial for early stage companies, which typically need more than traditional sales and marketing support to successfully enter and penetrate new markets. Our emerging brand team has in-depth expertise and a long track record of successfully delivering results. We can advise on mission-critical areas such as seasonality, logistics, pricing, packaging, market forecasting, and messaging as these companies grow.


Our established product clients expect us to place them in non-traditional retail environments. There is no way to sugar coat this – experience matters. We have long-standing relationships with a large number of well-established brands, including many Fortune 500 companies. Focusing on effective placement is only the beginning; we provide a wide range of services for small and mid-sized companies and our larger clients use us as a full-service outside sales agency. Experience matters and we leave nothing to chance!


The private label market is distinctly different and continues to define itself. These products demand a unique set of competencies and the ability to operate on many levels across multiple operational channels. Our experience and expertise address every aspect of private label placement and marketing, from branding to logistics and seasonal inventory management, to cash flow and projections, to achieve both ‘day one’ and long-term success. We know how to get in the door, present products and structure sustainable deals that enrich everyone. Our experts can help you deliver success.