Failure is not an option

Whether you’re a retail partner or a product client, our aim is the same—increase your sales—and we do whatever it takes to get you there. We’re in it for the long term. We know that each product has a unique path and its own story. While we concentrate on two service areas—Business Development and Inventory Management, we also have expertise in Product Training, Retail Consulting, and Sales and Marketing.

Business Development

It takes hard work for a product to realize its full potential. Business development is not simply a quarterly look, nor is it an activity that can be siloed within one department, but must be interactive throughout our company to be dynamic. When it comes to helping to grow your business, we at WGB are united in purpose and focus.

Inventory Management

In a world where we are all held accountable, and margin has a huge impact on decision-making, our clients’ he ability to deliver product on a timely basis is critical. Whether you’re a retailer who wants to minimize risk and warehousing costs, or a producer who needs to deliver products on time, inventory management is vitally important. Thanks to our 40+ years of experience, we can help take the guesswork out of your inventory supply.

Product Training

We conduct in-store and follow-up training with retail employees to educate them about selling the products we represent, both during initial product introduction as well as follow-up training for new associates. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that we’re conveying each product’s value and story. Our ability to passionately and professionally introduce the products we represent has a huge impact on the bottom line.

Retail Consulting

Beyond our commission-based services, we offer product retail consulting on a retainer basis. We use our relationships with retailers and thousands of hours of research in stores all over the country to help us counsel our clients on strategies, price points, shelf placement, and more.

Sales & Marketing

We are committed to providing top-notch sales and marketing services, with a 360-degree approach. From professional planograms and off-premise marketing support, to multi-channel communications, program development and product introduction plans, we help you map out a vision for long-term success, with an eye toward adapting to dynamic changes in the retail industry.

We work with regional retailers as well as national retailers coast to coast. WGB also represents many of the leading brands in North America.