WGB Team


Chris Beaudet, Principal

Chris joined WGB in 2006 as a partner, bringing his entrepreneurial spirit and visionary’s eye for innovation. He focuses on holistic solutions, whether that means advising our product partners on packaging, or helping our national retail vendors consolidate shelf space. Chris knows what will sell and how to sell it—skills he honed as Vice President in charge of the Hardware and Home Center division of the New York-based C&H Agency from 1995 to 2005.
A graduate of Paul Smith’s College, Chris is based in WGB’s Atlanta office.

Jeff Geddes, Principal

Jeff strives to make WGB’s product and retail partners more profitable by growing market share with out-of-the-box thinking and aggressive strategies. His enterprising attitude was ignited by the five years he spent at Black & Decker, where he helped to introduce a string of highly successful product launches including DeWalt power tools. With those wins under his belt, along with a love of the consumer product business, he joined his father Paul at Wilkins Geddes in 1995. Although thankful for his experience at a Fortune 500 company, Jeff knew immediately that a smaller brokerage firm was a far better fit for him. He received an undergraduate degree from Connecticut College and an MBA from Babson College; he is based in WGB’s Boston office.


We owe much of our success to our stellar, seasoned staff. From securing shelf placement to ensuring that your product stays on the shelf, to order tracking and shipping, to forecasting and analytics, our support team is highly valued by our clients. So much so that many of our retail and manufacturing clients have offloaded responsibility for many of their internal functions to our back office staff. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence are a key reason we’ve been able to grow successfully. Put them to the test. They won’t let you down!

We work with regional retailers as well as national retailers coast to coast. WGB also represents many of the leading brands in North America.