Established Brands

Experience Matters

There is no way to sugar coat this – experience matters. With over 40 years in this business, we have long-standing relationships with a large number of well-established brands, including many from Fortune 500 companies. But whether you have a Fortune 500 brand or you’re a mid-market player, we deliver exceptional service—on time, on point, and on message—with out-sized returns-

Our entire staff delivers a professional experience on both the client and retail sides. Focusing on effective placement is only the beginning; we provide counsel on pricing strategies, seasonality and even market place insights specific to our retail partners. As a result, we create fantastic returns AND create relationships that are based on trust, effective communication, and the ability to align goals with ‘parent company’ priorities.

We know that details matter. Our timely and accurate reporting gives you meaningful data and metrics that are actionable, relevant and timely, letting you concentrate on managing your brand experience holistically, across all channels.

Experience matters and we leave nothing to chance!

We work with regional retailers as well as national retailers coast to coast. WGB also represents many of the leading brands in North America.