Client Profiles

Success at any stage

successOur mission is to help our clients grow market share through compelling product awareness and superior follow-through. Our commitment is consistent, whether you’re a multinational company or a small local supplier, at any stage of development. We are extremely proud of the many successes we have had. We work with regional and national retailers, representing many of the leading brands in North America. Our retail partners are well aware of our commitment to all of our clients, and as a result we are been able to continually provide them with many unique and rewarding sales opportunities.


Early stage companies need more than traditional sales and marketing support to successfully enter and penetrate new markets. In addition to helping these companies craft the correct messaging, WGB advises them on market expectations, forecasting, and protection as they grow. Visit our Emerging Brands page to learn more.


Our established product clients expect us to place them in non-traditional retail environments. We provide a wide range of services for small and mid-sized companies and our larger clients use our firm as a full-service outside sales agency, handling all sales and marketing duties. Visit our Established Brands page to learn more.

Private Label

The private label market is continuing to define itself. Our extensive expertise in this space enables us to offer our retail partners unique, innovative opportunities to introduce entirely new product lines with distinct labels. Our experts can help you deliver success. Visit our Private Label page to learn more.

We work with regional retailers as well as national retailers coast to coast. WGB also represents many of the leading brands in North America.